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The IEEE 802.3-2002 is a gigabit Ethernet solution over fiber that supports half- and full-duplex transmission at speeds of 1Gbps (1000mbps). The 1000Base-SX standard was developed to support lower cost multimode fiber runs in horizontal and shorter-length backbone applications. The 1000Base-SX standard supports the multimode fiber distances shown in table 1. The 1000Base-LX standard was developed to support longer-length multimode building fiber backbones and singlemode campus backbones. The 1000Base-LX standard supports multimode lengths of 550m and singlemode lengths of 3km.

Table 1 — Operating range for 1000Base-SX over each optical fiber

Fiber type Modal bandwidth
(MHz· km)
Minimum range
62.5 µm MMF 160 2 to 220
62.5 µm MMF 200 2 to 275
50 µm MMF 400 2 to 500
50 µm MMF 500 2 to 550
Siemon Product 62.5/125µm Fiber Solution 50/125µm Fiber Solution
(A) Fiber Jumper FJ2-SCSC-MM-03 FJ2-SCSC5MM-03
(B) Fiber Enclosure RIC24-F-01 & (4) RIC-F-SC6-01
(C) Fiber Connector FC2-SC-MM-B80
(D) Fiber Connector FC2-SC-MM-B80
(E) Work Area Outlet Assembly MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX-SC-02
(F) Fiber Jumper FJ2-SCSC-MM-03 FJ2-SCSC5MM-03
Customer Supplied
(1) 1000BASE-SX/LX Hub Customer Supplied Item
(2) 2-strand Horizontal Optical Fiber 62.5/125µm Fiber 50/125µm Fiber
(3) Work Area Equipment Customer Supplied Item