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Industry Leading 60 Second Termination

DON'T BLINK — Best-in-class category 6A performance for UTP and Shielded.

Prep cable and place into Z-MAX's patent-pending Zero-Cross lacing cap. Close hinged cable retention/ grounding clip.
Lace conductor pairs into color-coded linear lacing channels and trim excess.
Insert lacing cap into Z-MAX outlet and terminate with the one-step Z-TOOL.

Z-MAX Challenge

After two months of increasingly impressive Z-MAX Termination Challenge video entries, we knew that the Z-MAX termination process was the fastest out there, but these winners took it to a whole new level!

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1st Place - 23.5 SECONDS
2nd Place - 28.9 SECONDS
3rd Place - 32 SECONDS

The Fastest, Highest Performing Terminations... Every Time

Z-MAX Jack

Compared to all other RJ-45 products on the market today the Z-MAXâ„¢ termination process embraces the principle that simpler is better. By establishing straight forward steps that eliminate potential errors, Siemon has been able to set a new benchmark for UTP and shielded category 6A outlet termination speed and consistency.

While speed is vital, it is also essential for the quality of the system that the installer can terminate with ease and consistency. The Z-MAX outlet was designed with the mind set that installers shouldn’t have to spend too much time reading the instructions to get the job done. The intuitive design of the Z-MAX outlet optimises each step of the termination process to eliminate errors that lead to delays and rework.

10 Ways Z-MAX Ensures the Highest Performance...Every time

  1. Zero-Cross termination module accelerates wire placement and lacing
  2. Intuitive design optimises each step to eliminate errors that lead to delays and rework
  3. Rapid Z-TOOL-based termination eliminates variability that can degrade performance
  4. Easy wiring verification via colourcoding on two surfaces
  5. UTP and shielded outlets terminate in exactly the same way
  6. Common components and practices for both work area and patching terminations
  7. Zero-impact, one-hand termination with the Z-TOOL
  8. No cutting blades or high-impact steps for safer terminations
  9. Rapid insertion and removal from patch panels with the QuickSnap design
  10. Quick-Ground technology automatically terminates cable shield and grounds the outlet to the panel with no additional steps

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