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Note: The following technical articles were current at the time they were published. However, due to changing technologies and standards updates, some of the information contained in these sections may no longer be accurate or up to date.

110 blocks bring order to multi-location cabling project
Appears in: Cabling Installation & Maintenance, July 2002
Small But Beautifully Formed - Small Form Factor (SFF) Fiber Connectors
Appears in: Network Cabling News, April 2002
Companies Plug Into Cat 7 Standard
Appears in: Electronics News, Australia, April 2002
Consolidation Points - The Keys to Horizontal Cabling Flexibility
Electromagnetic Interference - Considerations in Structured Cabling Systems
Industrial Connectors - The New Interface That Withstands Harsh Environmental Conditions
Not All Modular Patch Cords Are Created Equal!
View From the Board: A dangerous trend - It is time to put some pressure on the testing manufacturers to provide us with "worst case" specifications.
As appeared in: Cabling Systems, Canada, February 2002
Facts and Fallacies of Testing Next Generation Cabling
Current Standards Development
Standards Update:  Category 6 & 7 and Small Form Factor (SFF) Fiber Connectors
To ensure the best performance: I'd Like My Cabling System Optimized, Please
Modular Patch Cord Guidelines - How to Ensure Optimum Network Performance
The ABC's of Fiber Management
Clarifying Category 5, 5e, 6, and 7 Performance Specifications
Fiber Survivability: Protecting the Passives
Through-Hole and Multi-Planar™ Technology
Unraveling the Mysteries of Twisted-Pair Cable Preparation
The Anatomy of a MAX™ 6 Connector
Technology Leadership - John Siemon on Category 6/Class E Cabling
Connecting Hardware Backward Compatibility and Interoperability With Emphasis on De-embedded Plug Qualification Criteria
Leading the Industry to Category 7 and Class F
Fiber Connector Termination Methods
What's in a dB?
Megahertz, Megabits, MegaConfusion

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