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How LockIT Works

The LockIT solution is comprised of two primary elements: the RJ45 Outlet/LC adapter Lock and the Secure Patch Cord. The Lock protects a RJ45 copper outlet or fiber adapter from the insertion of cords or foreign objects. The Secure RJ45 Patch Cord deters unintended or unauthorized disconnection of the cord. Each of these components requires the LockIT universal key for removal, but may be freely inserted into an outlet to secure the connection.


The LockIT products are compatible with any standards compliant RJ45 outlet, or LC fiber port.

New: Siemon Adds LC Fiber Optic Adapter Lock to its LockIT Line of Secure Network Accessories

Joining Siemon's LockIT line of secure network connectivity, this new, tamper-proof adapter lock protects against unauthorized access to unused LC ports. The adapter locks require no special connectivity and can be utilized to secure nearly any LC optical fiber-based network infrastructure.

LockIT Secure Connectivity Spec Sheet (PDF)

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LockIT Outlet Lock / LC Adapter Lock

The outlet lock simply snaps into empty ports with no key required
Insert the universal key into the outlet lock and rotate to unlock
The lock may now be removed and is retained by the key to avoid dropped parts

LockIT Secure Patchcord

The secure patch cord is easily connected to an available outlet ­ no need for a key or tool
Insert the key into the lock from the rear to unlock the plug
Pull back on the boot to remove the patch cord from the outlet


This versatile system can be used in a variety of applications. This flexibility makes LockIT a perfect choice for use in public areas such as schools, retail stores, and waiting areas. LockIT is also an ideal solution to protect mission-critical networks such as data centers, health care environments and government systems.


  • Prevent tampering in sales floor outlets
  • Eliminate accidental disconnection of sales terminals

  • Protect public terminal connectivity from unauthorized access
  • Secure ticketing terminals and self-service kiosk connections
Entertainment/ HospitalityEntertainment/ Hospitality
  • Block access to public area and guest room outlets
  • Deter patch cord theft in guest rooms

  • Prevent port damage due to insertion of foreign objects or other vandalism
  • Secure classroom computer links and deter cord theft

Data CenterData Center
  • Reserve/lock out unused ports for future use
  • Flag inactive ports
  • Prevent accidental disconnection in critical patching fields
  • Add additional layer of security by detering unauthorized physical connections
  • Lock out unused ports
  • Lock in-use ports with secure patch cord connections to both outlet and equipment
Health CareHealth Care
  • Inhibit unauthorized guest and patient access to in-room data outlets
  • Secure equipment connections in nurse stations, patient reception areas and examination rooms
  • Identify and protect high security network ports
  • Deter critical data breaches by discouraging equipment removal

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