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Z-MAX Wall Phone Faceplates

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Siemon has expanded its range of wall phone faceplates to include category 6 and 6A Z-MAX connectivity. Z-MAX outlets combine best-in-class performance with innovative features that not only accelerate and simplify termination, but remove installation variability for consistently high and repeatable performance - every termination, every time.

Previously limited to category 5e and 6 solutions, this wall phone faceplate expansion provides a category 6A Z-MAX option to allow for a consistent, infrastructure solution for category 6A cabling installations. The Z-MAX 6A wall phone is an ideal solution for wall mounted, PoE-enabled, 10 Gb/s VoIP phones.

Part of the ZMAX 6A UTP cabling system.

Part of the ZMAX 6A Shielded cabling system.

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Faceplate with jack.

Part Numbers

MX-WP-Z6-SS  Z-MAX SS wall phone faceplate W/CAT6 UTP keystone Z-MAX jack
MX-WP-Z6A-SS  Z-MAX SS wall phone faceplate W/CAT6A UTP keystone Z-MAX jack
MX-WP-Z6AS-SS  Z-MAX SS wall phone faceplate W/CAT6A Shielded keystone Z-MAX jack
Z-MAX wall phone faceplates include wall phone style stainless steel faceplate, mounting screws, and keystone Z-MAX outlet

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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