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Z-MAX 45 Category 6A Shielded Outlet

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Category 6a

Siemon's patented Z-MAX 45 shielded Category 6A outlet offers a shorter, compact design and the ability to terminate cable at a 45-degree angle for easier exiting of cable from shallow back boxes or wall-mounted raceway systems, while maintaining proper bend radius of the cable. The Z-MAX 45 offers the same best-in-class performance you've come to expect from Siemon's family of Z-MAX products, exceeding all Category 6A performance requirements, including alien crosstalk. The innovative linear lacing features and tool enable fast terminations, while removing installation variability for consistent, repeatable performance.

  • Multiple Cable Types - Z-MAX 45 Outlet terminates cable constructions with 22 - 26 AWG solid and stranded conductors
  • High-Visibility Icon System - Provide designation for voice / data applications and color coding
  • Configurable Termination Positions - Cable can be terminated to exit outlet at a 45-degree angle in two different directions to accomodate cables entering from the side, top or bottom in raceway or back boxes
  • Enhanced Shielding Effectiveness - High level of shielded effectiveness exceeds ISO 360-degree shielded requirements via durable diecast housing and rear ground cap for enhanced support of high frequency data rates

Part of the ZMAX 6A Shielded cabling system.


Fast Repeatable Terminations
Fast Repeatable Terminations
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Linear lacing channels and the tool's color-coded guide ensured correct conductor placement and offers a best in class termination time and repeatable performance.
Compact Hybrid Design
Compact Hybrid Design
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Shorter outlet body with 45-degree termination reduces depth by 40% compared to standard outlets to accommodate shallow back boxes without exceeding bend radius and the hybrid design supports both flat and angled mounting orientations.
Slim and Side Stackable
Slim and Side Stackable
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Unlike 90-degree side entry outlets, the 45-degree angle of the Z-MAX 45 enables side stacking for high density applications, while the plastic bezels prevent contact between metal housings for superior alien crosstalk performance.
Contact Integrity
Contact Integrity
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Featuring Siemon's patented crowned jack contact geometry that improves electrical and mechanical performance and ensures that any jack or plug contact damage due to arcing caused by unmating under PoE load occurs well away from the final mated contact position.

Part Numbers

Z-TOOL-45  Z-MAX 45 Termination Tool
Z6A-45-S(X)(XX)(X)  Z-MAX 45 6A shielded outlet, T568A/B

Add "B" to end of part number for bulk project pack of 100 modules. Z-Tool-45 Termination. Tool is included with quantities of 50 or more outlets or with any of bulk (B) order

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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