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MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable

MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable Enlarge this image


The Siemon MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable offers an easy pass-through connection for extending cables from LCD projectors, monitors and smart screens to an HDMI interface mounted in a Siemon MAX series faceplate. It features a female HDMI MAX connector on one end that is compatible with Siemon MAX series faceplates or modular furniture adapters and a short pigtail to a standard female HDMI connector on the other end. The HDMI Adapter Extender Cable is ideal for use in conference rooms, classrooms or any space requiring an easily accessible interface for connecting laptops, DVRs or other video controllers to ceiling or wall-mounted displays.

  • Space Savings - Pigtail extends the HDMI connection outside of the outlet box, eliminating management and bend radius concerns associated with thicker HDMI cables
  • Standard-based Design - Supports HDMI V1.3 application for transferring uncompressed video and audio from HDMI-compliant sources.
  • Modular Inter face - Female HDMI MAX connector fits into a single 2-port opening in a MAX series faceplate or modular furniture adapter


Versatile Mounting
Versatile Mounting
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Mounts in either a flat or angled position for easy access and can be mixed with other Siemon MAX or Z-MAX outlets
Front Installation
Front Installation
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Installs from the front of the faceplate for easier deployment without faceplate removal
High Quality Connection
High Quality Connection
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Supports a low loss signal for 720p or 1080p HD video

Part Numbers

MX-HD-(XX)  MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable, F/F

Use (XX) to specify bezel color: 01=Black, 02 = White, 20 = Ivory, 25 = Bright white, 80 = Light Ivory, 82 = Alpine White.
The MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable fits into a single 2-port opening on Siemon MAX faceplates and furniture adapters.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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