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Rear Cable Managers

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Siemon offers rear cable management products to encompass a wide range of rack sizes and cable routing methods. They provide strain relief anchor points and organization of horizontal cables being routed to the back of a patch panel.


WM-3A and WM-6A
WM-3A and WM-6A
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The WM-3A and WM-6A feature an innovative, angled "V-shaped" design which provides direct and smooth routing of cables to the patch panel from either above or below. There are cable eyelets for securing cable ties (included) and cutouts for inserting our hook and loop cable managers (available separately). The designs keep the wire manager at an adequate distance from the panel to provide proper space to route cables.
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The WM-BK can be mounted to the back side of a double-sided 19 inch rack, or can be mounted between a patch panel and the front face of the rack, using the same screws that hold the patch panel to the rack and the hex nuts provided.

Part Numbers

WM-3A (Picture) Angled rear cable manager for 76mm (3 in.) channel racks. Includes eight 190mm (7.5 in.) cable ties and mounting hardware.
WM-6A (Picture) Angled rear cable manager for 152mm (6 in.) channel racks. Includes eight 190mm (7.5 in.) cable ties and mounting hardware.
WM-BK (Picture) Angled rear cable manager for 152mm (6 in.) channel racks

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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