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TERA Patch Cords

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Category 7Category 6aCategory 5e

Part of the TERA cabling solution, TERA-to-TERA patch cords exceed bandwidth of Category 7A/Class FA specifications when combined with the TERA outlet. TERA delivers up to 1.2 GHz of bandwidth per pair, providing the extra bandwidth for demanding applications like 10GBASE-T and Broadband Video. Facilitated by 1- and 2-pair patch cords, TERA's extended performance also supports cable sharing ­ the simultaneous convergence of video, voice data and remote powering onto a single 4-pair cable and outlet.

  • 4-Pair TERA to TERA - supports Category 7/7A/Class F/FA performance to 10Gb/s
  • 2-Pair TERA to Shielded Category 5e RJ-45 - plug for 10/100 Ethernet and PoE*
  • 1-Pair TERA to TERA - for analog voice and video patching. Video balun cord also available
  • 1-Pair TERA to RJ11 - plug for analog voice
  • 4-Pair TERA to Shielded Category 6A RJ-45 - plug for 1G/10G Ethernet performance
  • Standard Compliant Interface - Recognized within ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.0

Part of the TERA cabling system.


Standard Footprint
Standard Footprint
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ISO recognized interface allows TERA cords and outlets to fit within a standard RJ45 footprint.
Fully Compatible With Active Electronics
Fully Compatible With Active Electronics
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TERA to RJ45 patch cords allow the TERA system to be easily connected to RJ45 equipped active electronics.

Cable Sharing
Cable Sharing
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Multiple applications can be run over one 4-pair cable and outlet, saving significant material and pathway space.

Part Numbers

T(X)-(XX)M-B(XX)L  Category 7A compatible, TERA to TERA, CM/LS0H cable assembly, ivory jacket, colored boot.
T(XXX)-(XX)M-B(XX)L  TERA to Shielded RJ-45, or TERA to 6 position (Voice) modular plug, LS0H cable assembly, ivory jacket, colored boot.
T4(X)-S(XX)M-B(XX)L  Augmented Category 6A, TERA to Shielded RJ-45 modular plug, CM/LS0H cable assembly, ivory jacket, colored boot
CLIP-(XX) (Picture) Color-coding clip for MC 6 modular plugs, bag of 25.

Use (XX) to specify color: 01 = Black, 02 = White, 03 = Red, 04 = Gray, 05 = Yellow, 06 = Blue, 07 = Green, 08 = Violet, 09 = Orange

PatentedUL C

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