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S110 Patch Plug

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Category 5e

The first of its kind that is category 5e compliant and can be field-terminated to either solid or stranded cable. The S110 patch plug utilizes internal pair isolation to provide improved crosstalk performance so that the mated plug and connecting block far exceed category 5e transmission performance.

Siemon S110 patch plugs are both category 5e compliant and can be field-terminated to either solid or stranded cable. 4-pair S110 patch plugs employ a patented design to improve electrical isolation between pairs, enhancing crosstalk performance so that the mated plug and connecting block significantly exceed TIA-568-C.2 category 5e transmission requirements.

  • Ergonomic Handle — Aids insertion and removal of patch plug from 110 connect block
  • Directional Arrow — Provided to assist in proper insertion orientation
  • Ready Verification — Clear plastic housing allows the conductor colors and positions to be visible for matching termination positions on the opposite end
  • Polarization — Each plug housing includes built-in polarization features to ensure proper tip-ring orientation during connection

Part of the Premium 5e cabling system.


Field Installable
Field Installable
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Terminates 24 - 26 AWG (0.40mm - 0.51mm) solid or 7-strand twisted-pair cable.
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Staggered contacts in bi-directional planes provide excellent pair-to-pair isolation, delivering component and channel performance to 160 MHz.
Easy Termination
Easy Termination
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Simply snap the base and cover together to mass terminate all conductors.

Technical Tip!
S110-to-modular plug cable assemblies can be configured in the field, Siemon MC® 5 modular cords can be purchased and cut in half. The end of the cord can then be field terminated to the S110P patch plug while the factory terminated and tested modular end remains undisturbed.

Part Numbers

CT-ICON-(XX) (Picture) 25 colored icon tabs (phone on one side, computer on reverse)
S110P1 (Picture) 1-pair, field-terminated, S110 patch plug
S110P2 (Picture) 2-pair, field-terminated, S110 patch plug
S110P4 (Picture) 4-pair, field-terminated, S110 patch plug

Add "-B" to end of part number for bulk project pack of 100 patch plugs.
*S110P1 includes protective insert for use with single pair cross-connect wire.
Colored icons are not included. See accessories below.

PatentedUL C

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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