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MapIT G2 Master and Distribution Control Panels

MapIT G2 Master and Distribution Control Panels   Enlarge this image


The MapIT G2 Master Control Panel (MCP) collects all network infrastructure data provided by the Smart Patch Panels and Fibre Enclosures, monitoring up to 2880 ports in just 1 rack mount space (1U). The MCP and DCP feature an integrated LCD display and keypad, which provide technicians access to critical network architecture and diagnostic information. By providing this interactive interface locally within the patching zone, MapIT G2 virtually eliminates the need for technicians to carry mobile devices or directly access the EagleEye software. This user interface allows full end-to-end graphic circuit traces for any channel in the system and can perform diagnostic tasks on any component or port.

  • SUPERIOR DENSITY - Low profile 1U design increases density and reduces usage of costly rack and cabinet space in data centers and telecommunication rooms
  • REDUCED POWER CONSUMPTION - 75% lower power consumption compared to traditional intelligent patching systems for monitoring equipment. This power savings decreases operating expenses and provides a more environmentally friendly solution
  • EXCELLENT THERMAL EFFICIENCY - The MCP and DCP’s combination of ultra low heat generation and a low profile design help to maximize cooling efficency in data center environments
  • SIMPLE, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USER INTERFACE - Large graphic LCD and keypad enables technicians to view circuit traces, patch cord traces, perform diagnostics and more, improving efficiency in maintenance and MAC work
  • EASE OF IMPLEMENTATION - Simple design and straightforward setup reduces the time to design and install the system

Part of the MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) Solution


MCP Graphic LCD

MCP Graphic LCD
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Redundant power and Ethernet
Redundant power and Ethernet
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Field-terminated bus connections
Field-terminated bus connections
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Other Information/Photos

MapIT G2 Interconnect Solution for Copper Systems

MapIT G2 is compatible with an interconnect topology allowing users to track switch to copper smart patch panel port connections. The MapIT G2 Interconnect Module is used to create a link between switch and panel port connections during initial installation or during moves, adds and changes.

Part Numbers

MapIT G2 Interconnect Solution
M-ICM (Picture) MapIT G2 Interconnect Module
MapIT G2 Master and Distribution Control Panels
M-MCP (Picture) MapIT G2 Master Control Panel, 1U, black*
M-DCP (Picture) MapIT G2 Distribution Control Panel, 1U, black*
Power Supply
M-PS  6v, 3amp power supply for MapIT G2 Distribution Control Panel (M-DCP) or Master Control Panel (M-MCP)
Replacement Probe Pen
M-PEN (Picture) MapIT G2 Probe Pen with 7.62m (25 ft.) cord

*Includes mounting hardware (1) probe pen, (1) power supply with adapters for various regions, rear cable manager, cable ties, S310 stuffer caps and ground lug. Probe pen not included with Distribution Control Panel (M-DCP) Note: 1U = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)

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