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LightStack Fibre Modules

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LightStack LC-to-MTP Low Loss Plug and Play modules deliver a quick and efficient way to deploy high-performance fibre cabling in a low-profile, high density package. Up to 12 of these ultra-slim modules can be installed in a single 1U LightStack enclosure, seamlessly providing up to 144 easily-managed LC fibre ports. Available in OM4 Multimode and Singlemode configurations, these modules offer industry leading loss performance of just 0.35dB.

  • Shuttered LC adapters ­ Optional small plastic shutter door that opens upon insertion without touching the connector endface and springs back into the closed position upon removal to ensure protection of empty ports.

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LightStack Fiber Module Features

Ultra Slim Design
LightStack modules have an ultra slim design to achieve maximum fiber density
Fiber Count
Up to 12 fiber count per module
LC to MTP interface Available in OM4 and SM
Low Loss
Low loss performance (0.35dB per module)
Rear Module Handles
Handles in the rear of module help facilitate removal from the back of the enclosure
Aqua LC and MTP adapters for OM4; Blue LC adapters and black MTP adapters for SM

Part Numbers

LS-12-LC5V-01  Module, 12 LC fibres, OM4, Aqua LC and MTP adapters
LS-12-LCEV-01  Module, 12 LC-to-MTP fibres, OM4, XGLO 550, erika violet LC and MTP adapters
LS-12-LCSM-01  Module, 12 LC fibres, Single mode, Blue LC adapters, Black MTP adapters
LS-12-LS5V-01  Module,12 LC-to-MTP fibres, OM4, XGLO 550, shuttered aqua LC and MTP adapters
LS-12-LSEV-01  Module, 12 LC-to-MTP fibres, OM4, XGLO 550, shuttered erika violet LC and MTP adapters
LS-12-LSSM-01  Module, 12 LC-to-MTP fibres, Singlemode, shuttered blue LC adapters, black MTP adapters

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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