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S210 Connection System

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The Siemon S210 offers the best connecting block performance in the telecommunications industry. Known as the stealth™ block, its NEXT performance is so good that it is virtually invisible when used as a consolidation point in a category 6 channel.

The S210 block is the ideal for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications. It can be used to support existing cross-connects for standard phone systems today and enables upgrades to a category 6 rated solution for a seamless network transition. The S210 block's inherent high performance helps to maximize throughput, thereby improving the overall Quality of Service (QoS) required for VoIP.

  • Patented stand-off legs may be detached from the block before, during, or after installation on 64-pair version
  • Utilizes same termination practices as existing S110® product and is compatible with all single-position S110 termination tools
  • Utilizes same wiring base footprint as standard S110 products to be fully compatible with existing S110 mounting and cable management solutions
  • Designation strip with interchangeable colored labels can be mounted between each row of connecting blocks
  • Cable entry through access opening in base is concealed by designation labels
  • 4-pair S210C series connecting blocks with color-coded pairs on each block


Internal Crosstalk Barriers
Internal Crosstalk Barriers 
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Internal crosstalk barriers provide superior NEXTperformance (13dB margin over category 6 specifications) via 360° pair isolation
Pyramid™ Wire Entry System
Pyramid™ Wire Entry System
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Pyramid™ wire entry system separates paired conductors when lacing cables to simplify and reduce installation time
Cable Access Openings
Cable Access Openings 
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Cable access openings allow cables to be routed through the rear of the block directly to the point of termination

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Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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