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Cabling is a Strategic Asset

A high performance, reliable cabling system is critical to your Data Centre Infrastructure:

  • Cabling supports 2-3 generations of Network Switches, Servers and Storage Equipment.
  • Cabling is expected to last 10, 15 or more years - increasing the time between replacing the most disruptive and labor intensive piece of the infrastructure.
  • Cabling costs a fraction of your active equipment, power, software and maintenance costs.
  • 70% of network problems can be attributed to poor cabling.

Choosing a Copper Cabling System for your Data Centre:

  • TIA and ISO standards recommend Category 6A or higher cabling for Data Centres to support future high speed applications such as 10GBASE-T without requiring to upgrade or replace the cabling.
  • From the best-in-class Z-MAX termination process to the Quick-Snap efficiency of pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies, Siemon copper systems deliver a host of advancements to to get your data centre infrastructure up and running - fast.
  • Shielded cabling eliminates alien crosstalk and EMI/RFI concerns. Siemon's pioneering efforts with shielded cabling (for example, the Z-MAX 6A Shielded Category 6A System) have made these high-performance, flexible systems more userfriendly than ever before.
10G Adoption Rate

Benefits of Shielded Cabling in the Data Centre:

  • Longer Projected Lifecycle resulting in lower cost of ownership
  • Superior Alien Crosstalk Performance with No Need For Alien Crosstalk Field Testing
  • Excellent Immunity To External Noise and 100 Times More Resistant To Interference than UTP
  • Increased Data Security
  • Simplified Grounding and Bonding
  • Greater Heat Dissipation resulting in Lower Insertion Loss/Longer Lengths at Higher Temperatures and in PoE Plus Applications

Learn More in the Shielded Copper Cabling Resource Center

Siemon Solutions Enable Cabling to be an Asset for Your Data Centre

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