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Below, Siemon has provided the need to know facts on The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) as well as access to our Declaration of Performance documents.

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The European Union’s (EU) Construction Product Directive (CPD) also known as

the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) is now applicable as law in all EU Member States under EU regulation 305/2011. Cables shall be required to be compliant from the 1st of July 2017.



There are seven Euroclasses - A, B1, B2, C, D, E, and F whereby A is the most flame retardant and F is the least

IEC 60332 flammability ratings will be replaced by different reaction to fire performance known as Euroclasses

All EU member states must comply with the new standard


Pay careful attention to a manufacturers compliance statement, ensuring they are NOT based on OUT OF DATE technical standard documents or technical reports that have been superseded and will not comply from the 1st July 2017.

Certified 3rd party test labs known as Notified Bodies were not established until July 2016. Therefore, Siemon advises that all customers ensure that they request and receive current, valid third party certifications and relevant Declaration of Performance documentation (DoP) after this date to ensure you are fully compliant to the latest published standards.

*This chart is based off the risk of fire.

For example, a small one story building with few occupants could be deemed low risk . In contrast to a

hospital or high rise building with large amounts of occupants could be considered very high risk.


All EU member states must comply with the new standard. EN country members, depending on the risk and type of building are identified by level of risk based on type and usage of the building. Each country, the local client and end user will specify their local Euroclass requirements.

Siemon have put together a sample of EU countries and the expected or currently known requirements of the standards in the graph below. 

Each Country, State or even region will have their own interpretation of the  Euroclasses for their own specific requirements. They all will have to specify  which Euroclass requirement they need based on country, building type, usage  and client requirements.


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