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June 2003


After years of standards development, the IEC 61076-3-104 interface that is based on a plug/outlet interface developed and marketed by Siemon as the TERA™ connector, has received final approval from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

It is now the standard interface for Category 7/Class F and broadcast communications technology (BCT) cabling and is commercially available.

The IEC vote of 18 countries represents a significant achievement for structured cabling. For the first time, a non-RJ-style connector interface has been internationally standardised for four pair connections in a structured cabling system.

During the interface selection conducted by ISO/IEC, an independent panel was asked to judge six different non-RJ-style connector proposals. Based on 48 separate criteria, including size, complexity, manufacturability, user-friendliness and transmission performance, the TERA™ interface was ranked the best overall choice for delivering the demanding bandwidth specified in the standard.

Dan Mullin, Manager of Research and Development for Siemon said: "This final approval by IEC legitimises Class F cabling systems and category 7 connectors in this very competitive marketplace, This is especially important in areas that predominantly use shielded cabling solutions - countries like France, Germany and others around the globe.

"The international support for approval of this interface standard confirms its status as a non-proprietary solution and its ability to deliver the performance required for the demanding applications of today and tomorrow. We are confident that the approval of this standard will fuel increased market acceptance of Category 7/Class F cabling."

"This is a tremendous achievement in the industry. It represents the first time that an interface other than an RJ-style has been internationally specified for use with 100 ohm cabling," said John Siemon, Vice President of Global Operations for Siemon.

"TERA™ system offers enhanced performance to 1.2 GHz that constitutes an electrical superset of all other balanced cabling categories and classes. It has the unique ability to replace other high-speed media such as 50- and 75-ohm coaxial media used for broadband video, as well as 150-ohm Shielded Twisted Pair (STP).

"Its innovative design allows for up to four individual 1.2 GHz balanced pair connections in the same space as a single keystone jack permitting users to integrate video, voice and data services over a single cabling link. The outstanding pair isolation that makes this capability possible provides for unsurpassed alien crosstalk performance - an important consideration for emerging applications like 10GBASE-T. It is positioned to revolutionize structured cabling systems both for commercial and residential applications."

In addition to this ISO/IEC approval , the Siemon TERA™ connector interface has been chosen by ISO/IEC as the primary interface for the Broadcast and Communications technology (BCT) and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) standard being developed by draft standard ISO/IEC 15018 (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 N822)

Siemon offers a complete line of TERA™ products including cable, outlets, patch panels, modular patch cords and more. TERA™ is a fully shielded (S/FTP) cabling solution that virtually eliminates emissions and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.


The Siemon Company:

The Siemon Company is a privately held company with four generations of manufacturing excellence. Established in 1903, Siemon is the undisputed technology leader in the design and manufacture of standards-based structured cabling systems and components.

The Siemon TERA™ Connector:

Networks today are moving towards convergence. The combination of data, voice and video on a single medium offers tremendous cost savings opportunities. Siemon's TERA™ connector and cabling system is capable of delivering data, voice and video over a single cable, terminated on a connector that fits within the same footprint as a standard RJ-style interface. What is unique about TERA™ is its ability to provide service up to 1.2 GHz, twice the bandwidth dictated by the Cat 7/Class F standard. Within one connector and cable, you can simultaneously transmit separate video, voice and data signals. TERA™ is even capable of supporting full broadband analog video - traditionally 870 MHz - over a single pair while transmitting voice and data on the other twisted pairs. No other copper cabling system can do this.

What's more, because it is not an RJ style interface, it is not limited by the bandwidth constraints that are inherent to the RJ connector design. In developing TERA™, Siemon engineers were able to use a completely new approach and design a connector that is optimised to handle today's emerging higher bandwidth applications. Quite simply, TERA™ is the highest performing standards-based balanced cabling system in the world, and it is truly multi-media capable. Being first to market with a fully compliant Cat 7/Class F connector and cabling system is yet another example of Siemon's pre-eminence as the world's technology leader in structured cabling.

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