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Industrial MICE Guide

MICE stands for Mechanical, Ingress, Climate and Electromagnetic. The higher the number associated with the corresponding letter, the more severe the environment. This MICE guide describes environmental classes in 3 levels and 4 parameters

M1I1C1E1 describes a worst case office environmental according to ISO/IEC 1801
M2I2C2E2 describes a worst case light industrial environment
M3I3C3E3 describes a worst case industrial environment

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MICE Chart
M1 I1 C1 E1
M2 I2 C2 E2
M3 I3 C3 E3

Typicaly there are four categories for industrial which include: factory floor, work area, machine are and control, equipment and telecommunications rooms. It is not unusual for an area to have different levels for the categories. For example and area could be rated M3I1C2E3.

Details of Environmental Classification

M1 M2 M3
Peak Accelleration 40ms2 100ms2 250ms2
Displacement Amplitude (2-9hz) 1,5 mm 7,0 mm 15,0 mm
Acceleration Amplitude (9-500hz) 5 ms2 20ms2 50ms2
Tensile Force See Note 1 See Note 1 See Note 1
Crush 45N over 25mm (linear) min 1100 N over 150mm (linear) min 2200 N over 150mm (linear) min
Impact 1 J 10 J 30 J
Bending, Flexing and Torsion See Note 1 See Note 1 See Note 1
I1 I2 I3
Particulate Ingress (dia. max) 12.5mm 50mm 50mm
Immersion None Intermittent Liquid Jet
<= 12,5 l/min

>= 6,3 mm jet

>2,5 m distance
Intermittent Liquid Jet
<= 12,5 l/min

>= 6,3 mm jet

>2,5 m distance and immersion

(<=1m for <=30 minutes)
C1 C2 C3
Ambient Temperature -10C to +60C -25C to +70C -40C to +70C
Rate of Change of Temperature 0,1°C per minute 0,1°C per minute 0,3°C per minute
Humidity 5% to 85% (non-condensing) 5% to 95% (condensing) %5 to 95% (condensing)
Solar Radiation 700Wm-2 1120Wm-2 1120Wm-2
Liquid Pollution Contaminants
Sodium Chloride (salt/sea water) (μg/g) 0 <0,3 <0,3
Oil (μg/g) 0 <5,0 <500
Sodium Stearate (soap) none 5% aqueous non-gelling >5% aqueous gelling
Detergent none ffs ffs
Conductive Materian in Solution none Temporary (condensation) Present
Gasseous Pollution Contaminants
Mean/Peak (concentration X 106) Mean/Peak (concentration X 106) Mean/Peak (concentration X 106)
Hydrogen Sulphide <0,003/<0,01 <0,05/<0,5 <10/<50
Sulphur Dioxide <0,01/<0,03 <0,1/<0,3 <5/<15
Sulphur Trioxie (ffs) <0,01/<0,03 <0,1/<0,3 <5/<15
Chlorine Wet (>50% Humudity) <0,0005/<0,001 <0,005/<0,03 <0,05/<0,3
Chlorine Dry (<50% Humidity) <0,002/<0,01 <0,02/<0,1 <0,2/<0,1
Hydrogen Chloride -/<0,06 <0,06/<0,3 <0,6/3,0
Hydrogen Flouride <0,001/<0,005 <0,01/<0,05 <0,1/<1,0
Ammonia <1/<5 <10/<50 <50/<250
Oxides of Nitrogen <0,05/<0,01 <0,5/<1 <5/<10
Ozone <0,002/<0,005 <0,025/<0,05 <0,1/<1
E1 E2 E3
Electrostatic Discharge - Contact (0,0667mC) 4kV 4kV 4kV
Eletrostatic Discharge - Air (0, 132mC) 8kV 8kV 8kV
Radiated RF-AM 3V/m @ 80-2000MHz
3V/m @ 1400-2000MHZ

1V/m @ 2000-2700MHz
3V/m @ 80-2000MHz
3V/m @ 1400-2000MHZ

1V/m @ 2000-2700MHz
10V/m @ 80-000MHz
3V/m @ 1400-2000MHZ

1V/m @ 2000-2700MHz
Conducted RF 3V @ 150kHz-80mHz 3V @ 150kHz-80mHz 3V @ 150kHz-80mHz
EFT/B 500V 100V 100V
Surge (transient ground potential difference) Signal, Line to Earth 500V 100V 100V
Magnetic Field (50/60 Hz) 1 Am-1 3 Am-1 30 Am-1
Magnetic Field (60-20000Hz) ffs ffs ffs

Bump: The repetitive Nature of the shock experienced by the channel shall be taken into account
Note1: The aspect of environmental classification is installation-specific and should be considered in association with IEC 61918 (in preparation)

This cross reference table is an approximation of NEMA and IEC classifications for reference only. Please consult the appropriate agency's requirements and test qualifications for complete information.

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