Factory Floor


UTP, Shielded & Fiber Cable

IP20 Faceplates and Outlets


Z-MAX Outlets

Cable Assemblies

IP20 Surface Mount Box and Outlets

IP20 Surface Mount Box and Outlets

IP20 Field Installable Outlet

IP67 Surface Mount Box and Outlets

IP67 Surface Mount Box

IP67 RJ45 Field Installable Outlet

IP67 RJ45 Patch Cord

Cable Tray

RouteIT Wire Mesh Cable Tray System

RouteIT J-Hooks

The factory floor is a dusty, noisy environment that resembles a complex maze of machines, work cells and handling equipment all working together to move goods through the production cycle. The environment is typically considered light industrial and classified as MICE Level 2, which includes the areas around the automation islands.

Due to increased RFI and EMI interference and vibrations, cabling and connectivity deliver network access out on the factory floor is required to be industrial grade. Siemon offers a wide range of components for the factory floor, including IP67-rated Industrial MAX copper and fiber connectivity, shielded cabling assemblies, surface mount boxes and stainless steel faceplates, as well as RouteIT cable tray to deliver cables throughout the area.