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56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assemblies

56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assemblies


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Siemon Interconnect Solutions 56 Gb/s Low Power Active Optical Cable assemblies offer a cost-effective, extended reach option for high-speed data center interconnects. These AOC assemblies incorporate integrated opto-electronics with four fiber optic transceivers per end, each operating at data rates from 1 to 14 Gb/s and supporting a reach up to 100 meters. The cable is available in a number of standard lengths up to 100 meters.

AOC's offer customers the flexibility of traditional optical modules by interfacing to systems via a standard QSFP+ MSA, SFF-8436 connector. The cable is electrically compliant with the SFP+ interface supporting InfiniBand, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and other applications. The QSFP+ connector includes the Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DDMI).

  • High Strength Pull Tab (13lbs/60N)
  • Ultra-flexible multi mode fiber
  • Ethernet and InfiniBand electrical compliance
  • 4-Channel full-duplex active optic cable transceiver
  • High-density QSFP+ connector
  • InfiniBand SDR, DDR, QDR, FDR
  • Ethernet 40G BASE-SR4
  • Fibre Channel 16 GFC
  • Rack-to-Rack, Shelf-to-Shelf Interconnect
  • Proprietary Cluster Interconnect
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Hubs, switches, routers, servers
Standards Compliance
  • SFF-8436
  • SFF-8438
  • RoHS-6 (lead free)
  • Class 1 laser product per IEC 60825-1
  • IEEE 802.3ba

RoHS Compliant

Performance Specifications:

Supply Voltage 3.1 to 3.6V
Power Consumption Per End 0.8W typical, 1.2W max
Operating Temperature 0 to 70° C
Storage Temperature -25 to 75 C
Channels 4 channels, bi-directional
Connector (each end) QSFP+
Minimum Bend Radius 15xDIA -Dynamic
10xDIA - Static
Minimum Cable Assembly Bend Radius Cable and Connector: 56 mm
Cross Section (without connector) 3mm OD
Channel Parameters
Channels 4 Lanes, bi-directional
Data Rate 14.025 Gbps/channel Max.
Operating Optical Wavelength 850 nm

Part Numbers

QSFPFDR-F-005  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 5 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-010  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 10 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-015  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 15 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-020  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 20 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-030  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 30 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-050  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 50 Meters
QSFPFDR-F-100  56 Gb/s QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Assembly, 100 Meters

Note: Contact customer service for additional lengths.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.

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