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SC Simplex Connectors

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SC simplex connectors employ an outer housing that is color-coded in accordance with TIA/EIA-568-B.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 Ed2.0 requirements (beige for multimode and blue for singlemode).

Part Numbers

Multimode (XGLO and LightSystem)

FC1-SC-MM-B12 SC simplex connector, aqua, buffered fiber, aqua boot
FC1-SC-MM-B80 SC simplex connector, beige, buffered fiber, beige boot
FC1-SC-MM-J12 SC simplex connector, aqua, jacketed fiber, aqua boot
FC1-SC-MM-J80 SC simplex connector, beige, jacketed fiber, beige boot
FC1-SC-EM-J16 SC simplex connector, erika violet, jacketed fiber,erika violet boot
FC1-SC-EM-J02 SC simplex connector, erika violet, jacketed fiber,white boot
FC1-SC-EM-B16 SC simplex connector, erika violet, buffer fiber,erika violet boot

Singlemode (XGLO)

FC1-SC-SM-B06 SC simplex connector, blue, buffered fiber, blue boot
FC1-SC-SM-J06 SC simplex connector, blue, jacketed fiber, blue boot
FC2-SC-SM-B06 SC duplex connector, blue, buffered fiber, two blue boots
FC2-SC-SM-J06 SC duplex connector, blue, jacketed fiber, two blue boots

Part Numbers

FC1-SC-MM-B80 (Picture) Multimode, simplex, buffered fiber, beige boot
FC1-SC-MM-J01 (Picture) Multimode, simplex, jacketed fiber, black boot
FC1-SC-MM-J80 (Picture) Multimode, simplex, jacketed fiber, beige boot
FC1-SC-SM-B02  Singlemode, simplex, buffered fiber, white boot
FC1-SC-SM-B06  Singlemode, simplex, buffered fiber, blue boot
FC1-SC-SM-J02  Singlemode, simplex, jacketed fiber, white boot
FC1-SC-SM-J06  Singlemode, simplex, jacketed fiber, blue boot

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