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LightStack - Ultra High Density Plug & Play System

LC Bladepatch to MTP Hybrid Trunks

LC BladePatch to MTP Hybrid Trunks

  • LC BladePatch with push pull latch further improves accessibility
  • Designed to facilitate an interconnect or cross connect point between active equipment
  • OM3/OM4 Bend Insensitive Fiber (BIF)
  • SM Non-Bend Insensitive
  • 12 Fiber strand count
  • Specific staggered lengths to active equipment
    • Nexus, Cisco MDS, Brocade and No stagger
  • Low Loss performance (0.15dB for LC and 0.20dB for MTP)
  • Integrated cable manager on breakout

BladePatch LC to MTP Trunks Ordering Information