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LightStack - Ultra High Density Plug & Play System

LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures

Siemon LightStack 40/100 Gb/s-capable MTP based fiber solution delivers up to 144 LC or 864 MTP fibers per rack mount space, while providing innovative features that eliminate the installation and maintenance challenges associated with most high-density fiber systems in today's Data Centers

Module Insertion
Front or rear module insertion and removal
Swivel Trunk Tie Down
Swivel trunk tie down points protect cable from bend radius violations
Sliding Bottom Rear Tray
For industry leading connector access in the rear of the enclosure when enclosures are stacked
Front Removal
Easy and convenient module removal
Easy Access
Tray is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Pushes inward to provide easy access to connectivity
Cable Partition
Acts as a cable partition between stacked enclosures (in the out position)

Visually Appealing Magnetic Door
Easy to open and close. Eliminates potential pinch points when jumpers are fully loaded
Innovative Labeling Solution and Port ID
Drop-down label strip holder for high visibility

More Features

Lightstack Enclosures
Can be mounted in 19 in. racks or cabinets
Ultra High Density
144 fibers per 1U (LC interface) and 864 fibers 1U (MTP interface)
Cable Management Clips
Unlatch and swing open for full access to any jumper
High Capacity Design
Handles both traditional mini-zip jumper and uni-tube LC jumper types

Lightstack Enclosure Ordering Information

Part # Description
LS-1U-01 1U Enclosure, 144 LC fibers or 864 MTP fibers, mounts in 19 in. racks or cabinets
LS-4U-01 4U Enclosure, 576 LC fibers or 3456 MTP fibers, mounts in 19 in. racks or cabinets