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Using RJ45 Category 7 Cabling for 2 Lane, 1 and 2.5Gbps Serial Data Transmission in short reach digital applications

This research from Siemon Labs takes a look at the innovative use of cost effective RJ45 cable assemblies in short reach digital applications. The test report determines the performance of Siemonís shielded RJ45 (MC6AS) connectors for serial data applications when used in combination with Category 7 cable.

Figure 1) Simulation of a 6.6 meter cable at 1Gbps per lane;
total jitter = 242ps (.24UI) and eye height = 394mv

Using a maximum jitter of 0.25UI as the limiting criteria, the RJ45 connector is suitable for 2 lane serial data transmission at rates of 1Gbps per lane and below for cable lengths up to 6 meters. At 2.5Gbps per lane, the connector/cable combination is suitable for cable lengths of 1 meter and less.

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