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Fully Shielded Twisted Pair Cabling

Siemon TERA shielded twisted pair cabling solution delivers over 1GHz of bandwidth per pair far exceeding all performance requirements for 10GBASE-T and exceeding ISO/IEC category 7/class F specifications.

TERA is a fully shielded, twisted pair balanced cabling solution. Administered in a single outlet TERA supports multiple applications over one cable with pair management in 1-pair, 2-pair or 4-pair modularity.

The TERA fully shielded twisted pair copper cabling system is an end-to-end cabling system that offers high performance and is also validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications.

Shielded Twisted PairThe shielded twisted pair design virtually eliminates crosstalk noise between cable pairs and between cables, inherently protecting against radiation and emissions and fostering electromagnetic compatibility.

The resulting bandwidth for this TERA fully shielded twisted pair copper cabling system is the highest of any available copper system and normally twice that of the category 7/class F specification, at 1.2 GHz per pair.

The TERA connector is approved as the non RJ-45 style category 7 interface in ISO/IEC 11801. The non RJ-style category 7 outlet connects to RJ-45 Ethernet applications using a 4-pair-to-hybrid cord.

The TERA outlet is a fully shielded, quadrant isolated interface. 1-pair and 2-pair hybrid cords can be used to access specific pairs.

Siemon’s shielded twisted pair TERA cabling solution uses S/FTP fully shielded cable (shielded with foil twisted-pairs) - available in both S/FTP plenum and riser versions.
shielded twisted pair cabling
S/FTP shielded twisted pair cabling is comprised of a conductor, insulation, tinned copper braid, aluminum/polyester foil tape and an outer jacket.

The TERA outlet and plug is terminated using a TERA CPT cable preparation tool. The tool accurately strips the jacket and foil from 4-pair S/FTP shielded twisted pair cable without damaging the conductors and then aids in mating the cable to outlets and plugs quickly and reliably.

Field testing is easy using Fluke’s DTX CableAnalyzer. The field testing methods for shielded twisted pair are similar to category 6 UTP field testing.

TERA is a globally recognized interface and Siemon is the global market share leader for category 7, category 7A, class F and class FA cabling solutions.

TERA’s proven performance and flexibility make it an ideal cabling solution for data centers, healthcare imaging and financial applications.
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TERA Shielded Twisted Pair Cabling - Warranty

TERA shielded twisted pair cabling solutions are backed by Siemon's exclusive 20-year warranty. When installed by a Siemon Certified Installer Siemon can provide 100% coverage for all TERA cabling products, performance and applications. Siemon guarantees your TERA cabling solution will provide transmission performance that meets or exceeds the industry standards for category 7/Class F parameters based upon 100 Ω fully shielded (S/FTP) copper cabling.

Siemon Structured Cabling & TERA Cabling Systems

For over a century family owned and operated Siemon has excelled in technological leadership. Siemon services clients around the globe offering the highest quality, best performing TERA and structured cabling systems in the industry.

Ask Siemon a question regarding TERA fully shielded twisted pair cabling products, structured cabling solutions or Ethernet infrastructure design.

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