The development of the Z-MAX line began with a simple goal: design and build the best RJ-45 based cabling solution - period.

And "best" was not a vague metric. Z-MAX was built to be best across the board:

  • Highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters
  • Fastest, easiest and most reliable termination process
  • Superior transmission consistency
  • The best customer focused usability, efficiency and ergonomic features

To meet these goals, we did what we have done for over a century - innovate.

As you explore the Z-MAX line, you'll see Siemon innovation at every turn. From our patent-pending Zero-Cross™ termination to the exclusive PCB-based smart plug technology integrated into every Z-MAX cord to our hybrid flat/angled outlets to the easy-to use Z-TOOL, no opportunity to improve this family was overlooked.

Z-MAX Solutions
»Z-MAX 6A Shielded
»Learn how Z-MAX achieves Category 6A performance in as little as 60 seconds

»Video: Siemon Z-MAX Realtime 60 second Termination
White Paper
»Siemon's Z-MAX Structured Cabling Solution: Reinventing the RJ-45 for Tomorrow's Network
Z-MAX 6A Catalog
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6A Shielded
IL 3% 3%
NEXT 3.0 dB 3.0 dB
PSNEXT 3.5 dB 3.5 dB
ACR-F 7 dB 7 dB
PSACR-F 10 dB 10 dB
RL 3 dB 3 dB
PSANEXT 1 dB 10 dB
PSAACR-F 1 dB 5 dB
ACR-N 6 dB 6 dB
PSACR-N 6.5 dB 6.5 dB
Performance based on use of 2M cords and 24 cords and 24 port 1U density. Because we continually improve our product, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.

Highest-Performing Category 6A Systems

With Z-MAX, Siemon has shattered the RJ-45 barrier. We have achieved best-in-class performance through an innovative "matched" system which combines an optimally tuned plug with a higher performance outlet.

  • Best guaranteed category 6A margin in the industry
  • Leading performance on all parameters, not just NEXT
  • Exceptional alien crosstalk performance
  • TIA channel, link compliant
  • ISO channel, link (draft) compliant
  • Consistent, superior performance, eliminates marginal reporting ( *pass)

Siemon's Z-MAX™ Structured Cabling Solution: Reinventing the RJ-45 for Tomorrow's Network

In this new white paper, Siemon's Z-MAX Structured Cabling Solution: Reinventing the RJ-45 for Tomorrow's Network, learn how Siemon's new Z-MAX UTP and shielded solution is the culmination of a total and much-needed overhaul of existing modular RJ-style plug and outlet technology and completely revolutionizes the category 6A industry. The white paper illustrates the unique features of Z-MAX:

  1. PCB-Based smart plug technology that eliminates split pairs, crosses and termination variability.
  2. Unique plug design and termination schemes on each end of modular cord to minimize performance variations induced by the end-dependent orientation difference of the pairs within the cable.
  3. Cord performance that consistently hits the "sweet spot" of the TIA and ISO test plug range.
  4. A Zero-Cross™ IDC termination module that eliminates split and crossed pairs, while maintaining minimum pair untwist to eliminate variability.
  5. Sophisticated magnitude and phase compensation circuitry that delivers unsurpassed channel performance.
  6. UTP and shielded outlet isolation that minimizes alien crosstalk, while supporting extreme density (48 ports in a 1U panel).
  7. Channel to channel shield isolation at all connection points that are not intentionally bonded to ground.
  8. Environmentally-friendly materials and high reliability construction.
  9. Resistance to damage from energized Power over Ethernet and Power over Ethernet Plus channels.
  10. Capable of UTP and shielded termination times of less than 1 minute.

Read White Paper: Siemon's Z-MAX Structured Cabling Solution: Reinventing the RJ-45 for Tomorrow's Network

Z-MAX 6A Shielded Category 6A System
Combining consistent best-in-class performance, unparalleled usability and speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity of a shielded cabling system, Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded end-to-end solution represents the cutting edge of category 6A cabling.
»Learn More

Z-MAX 6A UTP Category 6A System
Combining patent-pending PCB-based smart plugs, optimized outlets, reduced diameter cable and high-density patch panels, the Z-MAX 6A UTP system provides outstanding margin on all TIA and ISO performance requirements for category 6A/class EA, including critical alien crosstalk parameters.
»Learn More

Z-MAX is a complete end-to-end cabling system including outlets, modular cords, patch panels, Z-TOOL and trunk assemblies. When combined with Siemon copper cable, Z-MAX provides best-in-class UTP and shielded systems.

Best-in-class category 6A performance for UTP and Shielded in as little as 60 seconds

0:30 sec.
Prep cable and place into Z-MAX's patent-pending Zero-Cross lacing cap. Close hinged cable retention/ grounding clip.
0:45 sec.
Lace conductor pairs into color-coded linear lacing channels and trim excess.
0:60 sec.
Insert lacing cap into Z-MAX outlet and terminate with the one-step Z-TOOL.

»Learn how the Z-MAX termination process works

Patent-Pending Smart Plug Technology

Category 6A Z-MAX smart plugs

A critical element of Z-MAX systems' exceptional performance is our smart-plug technology. The Z-MAX smart plug contains a tuned printed circuit board (PCB), normally only found in outlets, to achieve high performance tuning. This advancement in miniaturization has packaged the tuning capability and consistency of a PCB in an industry standard RJ-45 footprint, giving the Z-MAX patch cord unsurpassed performance capabilities.

  • Patent pending PCB-based plug enables performance levels not possible with traditional cords
  • Narrower NEXT range provides capability to tune to higher channel performance levels
  • Advanced contact technology and automated assembly results in decreased performance variability compared with crimp-type plugs
  • Smart-Plug is fully backwards-compatible and standards compliant
  • PCB-based contacts eliminate pair-crossing condition present in traditional cords

Zero-Cross™ Terminations

Category 6A Z-MAX terminations

The crossing of cable pairs has long been recognized as a source of variability and performance degradation in connector systems. The linear design of the Z-MAX termination module allows conductors to feed naturally into position without the need for pair crossing.

  • Linear design eliminates variability caused by operator rearrangement of pairs
  • Removes a significant source of noise and interference present in all other RJ-45 outlets
  • Dramatically speeds and simplifies cable prep and conductor alignment
  • Maintains and protects cable pair structure for optimized transmission performance consistency
  • Intuitive cable lacing significantly minimizes miswires that lead to costly reworks

Diagonal IDC Contact Orientation

Category 6A Z-MAX diagonal IDC contacts

Siemon engineers thought "outside of the box" when they developed our diagonally-oriented IDC contact technology. This unique configuration places contacts on a single plane yet varies the alignment of each individual contact within the Z-MAX outlet. This design provides distinct performance benefits compared with traditional rectangular contact layouts.

  • Maximizes pair-to-pair separation from adjacent outlets to miminize alien crosstalk even in the most dense category 6A patching environments
  • Enhances NEXT performance within outlets
  • Limits untwist of pairs at termination to maximize cable performance
  • Fully enclosed IDC's eliminates exposure of uninsulated conductors

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