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Leading their industry with one of the first category 7 installations in the world.

German companies immediately bring to mind a passionate commitment to precision, quality, and engineering. As a worldwide leader in the manufacture of decorative papers for laminates, Suddekor certainly lives up to this image.

Suddekor's decorative papers are used in many of the laminated surfaces commonly found in most homes and businesses. Their papers are used in desktops, floor and modular furniture to name just a few. Suddekor also does a great deal of custom work for large corporate customers.

Suddekor recently completed Phase I of their latest international facility in Agawam, Massachusetts (USA). The new manufacturing plant was designed as a state-of-the-art facility as well as a showcase for customers. Virtually every building system, from water recovery and purification to color-neutral lighting reflects their commitment to technology and market leadership. Suddekor's LAN equipment is impressive as well. The mainframe used to store the massive data files used to create the prints for the papers resides in a storage room the size of a tractor trailer. Suddekor also took painstaking measures to ensure that the aesthetic aspects of the facility measured-up to their high standards.

When it came time to select their telecommunications cabling solution, specifying the right system was crucial. Suddekor graphic designers use data intensive software, creating enormous files used to print the papers. These files are frequently transferred from PC to mainframe to PC and eventually to the printing press. All this happens in close proximity to their manufacturing setup - massive three-story printing presses, which are a source of considerable electro-magnetic interference (EMI). An extremely reliable, high performance cabling system was a must. Rhichard Barth, Suddekor Plant Engineer, and his project team also wanted to maximize the longevity of the cabling infrastructure, especially given the care and expense that had gone into building the facility. Barth and his project team, Mid-State Teledata (installer) and Graybar (distributor), were committed to finding the best solution and making the installation happen on schedule.

David Ducharme from Mid-State and Jeff Jones from Graybar recommended The Siemon Company's new category 7 cabling system, SYSTEM 7®. With ten times the frequency range of category 5e, SYSTEM 7® ensures robust support of today's most advanced applications, like Gigabit Ethernet, as well as the ability to handle bandwidth intensive applications that will be developed in the future. With 1 GHz of bandwidth per pair, SYSTEM 7® also offers the flexibility to support multimedia applications, such as broadband video. It is also a fully shielded solution, which provides excellent immunity from the high levels of EMI that are common in many industrial facilities.

Shielded cabling systems were not new to Barth. They are prevalent in Germany and Barth had become familiar with various products on his many trips to Suddekor's headquarters. "Siemon's SYSTEM 7® and the TERA™ connector provide greater performance, density and flexibility than all the other products I've seen. I feel very comfortable with our investment in our cabling system. Our cabling infrastructure has performance capabilities beyond category 6 or 7. We also have more flexibility than we would have received from a fiber solution. TERA™ lets us bring broadband video, high speed data and voice to a desktop via a single TERA™ outlet."

David Ducharme from Mid-State expects to see more companies migrate to Siemon SYSTEM 7® simply because they want the best solution available. "It's a matter of building an infrastructure that will give you what you need today and tomorrow. Technology is advancing rapidly and customers want to maximize the life of their cabling system. From an installer's perspective, we liked that the TERA™ connectors were quick and easy to terminate."

The TERA™ patch panel offers two or four pair modularity, bringing complete flexibility and performance to Suddekor.

Recalling some of the challenges of the project, Rhichard Barth noted that "We knew what we wanted to achieve. We needed someone who could think big picture and think future with us, and that's what The Siemon Company did."

David Ducharme also chimed in with a can-do attitude, "Whenever you're trying to do something that is cutting edge there will be people who say it can't be done. It's at times like that when you need to prove to the skeptics that it can be done. This facility is proof that there is a complete category 7 solution and that it's available and works right now."

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