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CAAM SGR Adopts Siemon 10G Cabling Solutions for Their New Headquarters

CAAM SGR (Crédit Agricole Asset Management SGR) is the new name that Nextra I.M., previously owned by Gruppo Intesa, acquired when Gruppo Crédit Agricole took over 65% of the shares.

CAAM SGR is an International Asset Management company, promoting and handling solutions for collective investment, both on an Italian and an International basis with access to worldwide markets. CAAM SGR also provides different management and consultancy services related to individual portfolios for institutional and private customers, suitable for a large variety of risk/investment profiles.

CAAM SGR has always been committed to maintaining leadership in the field of Asset Management and to sustain their leading position in Italy and throughout Europe. To fulfil this aim CAAM SGR focus their attention on crucial factors such as innovation and reliability, high quality service, a comprehensive range of products and technology leadership.

Due to the closure of one of the two main offices and the later transition to a single, much bigger building the company had to choose a highly reliable technical partner, able to carry out the required and delicate installation of a cabling network in the new facility.

The project involved the installation of a cabling network in the new building and the cabling of the new 180 square metre Data Centre that was newly created at the time of the transition. From the very beginning this project turned out to be a demanding task both from a technological and economical aspect, requiring careful consideration.

After thorough analysis of the options available in the market CAAM SGR chose Siemon Italy for the implementation of structured cabling solutions. Siemon Italy is a branch of global structured cabling specialist Siemon, known for highly innovative, high quality and high performance network cabling solutions. Siemon products distinguished themselves from the competitors not only for their economic advantages but above all for the superior technological standards. Siemon also has a lot of experience in the global finance market and has acquired an excellent level of knowledge to the specific needs of IT managers in finance - for example security, downtime implications, resilience and IT performance.

Thanks to its 10G product offerings, Siemon turned out to be the ideal choice for a successful investment both in the short- and long term. The portfolio of Siemon's high performance 10G solutions guarantees 10G Ethernet applications based on a channel model worst case of 100 metre and 4 connectors. In particular the Siemon 10G solution deployed by CAAM SGR belongs to a comprehensive family of solutions including 10G shielded, TERA Cat. 7/Class F and the fibre optic system XGLO 50 micron optimized for laser.

Currently the network created in the new headquarters runs over four floors with new cabling and four floors upgraded with Siemon products.

"We're proud to have joined such an ambitious project", stated Paolo Parabelli, Regional Manager of Siemon "The cabling of the new offices of CAAM SGR allowed us to take advantage of the knowledge acquired over the years and once again is the reason for great satisfaction, acknowledging us as the ideal partners for the realisation of highly demanding projects".

The project for CAAM SGR consisted of two separate subprojects. Guido Ballarini, Responsible for the Operating Systems and Networking Department of CAAM SGR followed the cabling of the whole facility.

During the first part of the project, which was completed in June 2005, the cabling of the whole Data Centre has been realised. Encouraged by the fulfilling results obtained thanks to the Siemon products CAAM SGR began a second part in order to extend the cabling to the rest of the building. This second part was completed by the end of December 2005, when all the employees moved in the new facility.

The appointed installer was Esiet, one of Siemon's Certified Installers.

"The advantages of using Siemon products were evident from the very first phase of the project and concerned above all the excellent quality of the goods, superior to those offered by the competition and the exceptional support during the certification process accomplished by both the Installer and the Siemon Company" stated Guido Ballarini " To these advantages we must add the extreme professionalism of the Siemon staff and of all those who worked for the realisation of the project".

CAAM SGR has now a "future-proof" infrastructure. At the moment, the Company does not yet fully exploit the capability of the10G solution, but they will be able to soon, taking advantage of the technological solutions provided by Siemon.

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