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Chippendale Printing
Siemon Cat 7 – TERA™ Solution

Chippendale Printing Company Pty Ltd, a long standing customer of Trojan Networks, acquired a new premises consisting of office space and a large production area and warehouse at Concord West during mid 2001.

David Gardiner, IT Manager of Chippendale Printing, requested Troy Eggins, Managing Director of Trojan Networks (Siemon Certified Designer and BICSI RCDD), to supply a Design Proposal for the cabling infrastructure. Troy proposed a Siemon Category 7 TERA™ Solution, incorporated with The Siemon Company’s Total Building Integration Cabling (TBICSM) System.

David stated that “when confronted with moving to new premises, we had to address the changing needs of our computer network. Trojan provided us with a practical solution by using Siemon category 7 cable throughout our factory. This allowed us to streamline our network, ensuring optimum performance and flexibility of our computer and phone system.”

As the site grew, so did the demand and during the five months of installation, the original number of telecommunications outlets required had tripled. Trojan Networks were also requested to implement the security system including access control and CCTV. Accordingly, Siemon’s TBICSM system was implemented to enable all of these systems to be run over the same structure cabling infrastructure.

When asked the reason for proposing Siemon’s TERA™ Solution, Troy advised “ the premises is to be occupied for a long time by the owner. The machinery used in their warehouse does not lend itself to easy relocation. I wanted to provide my customer with the highest performing copper solution available. Initially I looked at Category 6, but after further investigation with The Siemon Company, it was decided Category 7 was the best solution. Fibre to the desktop was just not an option due to the added expense of upgrading the active equipment.”

By installing the latest infrastructure system, Chippendale Printing will be ahead of its competitors for years to come. “I believe this shows the dynamic character of the management team at Chippendale Printing”. Trojan Networks’ objective was to provide a technology that would offer the longest possible time period before re-cabling would be required.

The Siemon TERA™ solution is a fully shielded, balanced cabling solution that exceeds the proposed Category 7 specifications TERA™ delivers over 1GHz of bandwidth per pair. Since each pair is shielded, this essentially eliminates crosstalk noise between the pairs. TERA™ supports multiple applications over one cable. At the work area and telecommunications room, the TERA™ system provides pair management through the 1-pair, 2-pair and 4-pair modularity.

The fully shielded design also assures maximum reliability by providing immunity to electromagnetic inference (EMI). Much of the Chippendale Printing’ premises is dedicated to production. The installed TERA™ system proved to be ideal in this environment by providing the highest copper cabling bandwidth with the least number of components resulting in the lowest installation and termination costs.

Trojan Networks and The Siemon Company pride themselves in keeping abreast of the latest technology. Troy says “There is always an element of risk being one of the first to install a new technology and often you encounter unplanned challanges. I thought the TERA™ system would be more difficult to implement – Type 1 still haunts many of us. However, the installation ran smoothly and with a just little extra care and attention to detail, our technicians found termination of the TERA™ product relatively easy” says Troy.

The Siemon team provided TERA™ training and visited the site regularly to verify Trojan Networks’ installation met The Siemon Company’s high standards. The site is covered by a Siemon Company Full Applications Warranty.

The Siemon team was always available to assist the Project Manager, Steve Fields with any queries or advice on implementation of unusual technology such as Siemon’s S66™ Block. The S66™ Block was used as a consolidation point for the security and access control cable. The S66™ provided a high-density, economical, category 5e compliant connecting block.

In keeping with the same mind set of future proofing the premises, Emtelle Air Blown Fibre was installed as the backbone medium from the Building Distributor to the Floor Distributor located in the Telecommunications Room at the far end of the warehouse. All products where enclosed and terminated onto Siemon Company Fibre products.

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