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Siemon Consultant/Architect Programme

Consultant/Architect Classifications

"In Programme Consultant/Architect" - The Siemon Company has developed an Authorized Ally Support Center for the In-Programme Consultant/Architect. This tool gives you 24 hour-a-day access to a secure section of our website which contains a variety of tools. Tools such as Siemon's Quick Quote System, Generic Bid Specifications, VISIO Drawings, Field Bulletins, Product Information and Specification Sheets will create a more efficient and productive working environment for the Consultant/Architect to assist their clients.

"Qualified Consultant/Architect" - Siemon Qualified Consultant/Architects are required to attended training on Horizontal Backbone & Work Area Design, Installation Practices, Balanced Twisted Pair & Optical Fiber Testing and Siemon Cabling System Warranties. Qualified Consultant/Architect have an enhanced understanding on Siemon products, systems and services and are "Qualified" to communicate with end users regarding The Siemon Cabling System.

Option to Become a "Siemon Certified Consultant" - This option enables the Consultant/Architect Company to offer an extended warranty on their design of a Siemon Cabling System. This is a value added service that can give you a competitive advantage when bidding for a project. Certified Consultant/Architect are required to attend our certification- based training programme. The course provides comprehensive instruction on the design of the subsystems of premise cabling distribution including: Horizontal, Backbone, Work Area, Telecommunications Rooms, Equipment Rooms, Entrance facilities, as well as other design specifications.

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