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Siemon Consultant/Architect Programme

Learn the benefits of becoming a Siemon Consultant/Architect

The purpose of the Siemon Consultant/Architect Programme is to support professional consultants and architects who are hired by end-user organizations, builders, property owners and contractors, to analyze and recommend telecommunications products and services. The Siemon Company's goal is to provide high quality informational tools and training to consultants and architects and, by doing so, to advance the level of service available to end-user customers world-wide. This programme provides a vehicle for professionals to partner with The Siemon Company to achieve our common goals.

The Siemon Company recognizes the unique requirements that Consultants and Architects must deal with when planning and designing a communications infrastructure for end-user customers. To effectively support your growing business, we have developed The Siemon Company Consultant/Architect Programme. Our programme allows you to customize the level of support you need, related to Siemon Cabling System® products and services.

The Consultant/Architect Programme is a conduit between The Siemon Company and professional organizations like yours who are currently designing telecommunication infrastructures in commercial buildings. The programme has been developed for telecommunication consultants, architectural firms, and electrical engineering companies, with a need for information on a high quality, reliable, complete telecommunication solution that supports today's and tomorrow's demand for high bandwidth applications.

Siemon Consultant/Architect allies have access to a variety of tools that have been created for the Consultant/Architect professionals. These tools, such as the quick quote system, generic bid specification, Visio drawings, Field Bulletins, product information and specification sheets were designed for helping the client. These tools will create an easier, more efficient, productive working environment for the Consultant/Architect and there client and are accessible on our secured ally website 24 hours a day.

  • Quick Quote System - The Siemon Company Quick Quote™ System is a user-friendly tool that helps to generate a quick Bill of Materials (BOM) estimate.
  • Generic Bid Spec - Used as a tool when preparing a general bidders specification for a communications network to support voice, data, imaging and low voltage applications in commercial buildings.
  • Visio Drawings - Siemon has added over 150 new product shapes to Microsoft Visio. Microsoft is offering free access to preview and download shapes or you can now download them directly from
  • Warranty Samples - Warranty samples in PDF Format
  • Qualified Cable Vendors - Information about qualified cable vendors and part number references.
  • Seminar Listings - The Siemon Company regularly presents cabling standards seminars throughout the world. Register on-line for these free seminars.
  • Online Product Catalog - View our entire product offering on-line.
  • Field Bulletins - Need-to-know product and system news.
  • Product Spec Sheets - Our complete archive of Siemon product specification sheets.

When a consultant or architect has been selected to participate in The Siemon Company Consultant/Architect Programme, we will provide the appropriate level of training to meet the desired classification.

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