MapIT G2 - Applications


Smart panels and fibre enclosures feature a graphic LCD for patch cord tracing, diagnostics and technician guidance. The LCD can also display dynamic labeling information pulled directly from the MapIT software database.

The MCP collects data from all panels in the system and relays it to the MapIT software. This advanced device provides a large LCD screen and keypad to interface to the MapIT software - eliminating the need for technicians to access software or carry PDA devices.

MapIT G2 is built for reliability. All components have been through extensive durability testing and exceed a 20-year MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). If that weren't enough, we also built in redundant power and Ethernet connections into the Master Control Panel. Finally, the entire system is modular and in the unlikely event that any component fails, it can be replaced or repaired without disrupting critical network connections and applications.


75% Lower Power Consumption
In addition to all the state-of-the-art features MapIT G2 has to offer, it uses much less power than competing systems. In fact, MapIT G2 uses up to 75% less power than other intelligent cable management systems. It also features time out settings, which can reduce power consumption even further.

MapIT G2 components are optimized to run cool in data centre applications. All components generate virtually no heat and do not require cooling fans. Additionally, the components are very low profile (1U) so they do not impede airflow in cabinets.

80% Higher Density
MapIT G2 innovative design dramatically reduces the amount of rack space required for intelligent infrastructure management components. Because the intelligence is built into the patch panels, MapIT G2 provides up to 80% better density than competing systems. For example, some systems require up to 60 rack mount spaces to manage 20,000 ports. MapIT G2 can manage the same number of ports with only 7U of rack space.


76% Reduction in Pathway Space Usage
The MapIT G2 system features an innovative system topology. Since intelligence is built into the smart patch panels and fibre enclosures, there's no need to run individual cable from a central analyzer or scanner to each panel. This reduces the amount of pathway space required to connect the intelligent system. For example, in even a medium size closet with about 2,000 managed ports, the cable required to connect MapIT G2 components requires 76% less pathway space versus competing systems.

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