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Siemon Consultant/Architect Programme

Why Use Siemon Qualified, Trained or Certified Consultants/Architects for your project?

Siemon's Consultant /Architect programme ensures top quality cabling installations. The Siemon Company has developed a global network of highly educated designers through its Consultant/Architect Programme.

Siemon "Qualified Consultants" are required to receive training on Horizontal Backbone & Work Area Design, Installation Practices, Balanced Twisted-Pair & Optical Fiber Testing, and Siemon Cabling Systems Warranties. These modules have been created by our Programme/Training Department to provide Consultant/Architects with the best up to date information regarding industry standards and our systems and warranties.

Siemon Qualified Consultant/Architects participants have been provided the knowledge and understanding of The Siemon Company's warranties, design and installation requirements and are able to convey information about such to customers and end users. Qualified Consultants have an enhanced understanding on Siemon products, systems and services and are "Qualified" to communicate with End Users regarding The Siemon Cabling System.

Siemon Trained & Certified Consultant/Architects are required to participate in an extensive standards-based training course. Each classroom session involves a mixture of instructor-led lectures and design participation. The Siemon Company is committed to providing its qualified cabling system designers with the most comprehensive and effective training programme in the world.

Why Should You Select a Siemon Cabling System Trained or Certified Consultant/Architect?

  1. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A programme participants are graduates of our certification-based training programme and are qualified and highly skilled in cabling system design.
  2. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A course graduates have extensive knowledge about current and pending cabling standards. These standards include international, national and regional cabling system design and installation criteria.
  3. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A course graduates can design for all of your premises sub-systems (i.e., horizontal, backbone, work areas, equipment rooms, data centers, etc.)
  4. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A course graduates have successfully completed a comprehensive cabling proficiency exam.
  5. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A programme participants can design your systems with the help of electronic tools such as the "quick quote" and Siemon technical bid specification.
  6. Siemon Trained and Certified C/A programme participants can assist you with design/engineering, consulting and project management on a local, national or international level.
  7. *Re-Certification every two years ensures that Siemon Certified Consultants and Siemon Certified Architects stay current with industry trends.
  8. *Siemon Certified C/A participants can offer you an extended warrantee on Siemon Certified Cabling System Designs when installed in conjunction with Siemon Certified or Trained Installer

* Pertain to Certified Consultants Only

We ask that you take a moment to fill out a short form detailing some of the characteristics of your project. Upon receiving the completed form, a Siemon representative will evaluate your needs and contact you personally with recommendations.

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