The Siemon Company Offers Training for
Residential Cabling Designers and Installers

Two-day course teaches standardization of design and
installation methods for home structured cabling systems

Watertown, CT — The Siemon Company proudly introduces the newest in a complete line of industry recognized, high quality training courses – The Siemon Residential Certified InstallerSM (RCISM) program. This two-day comprehensive class, held at various locations through the U.S., is designed to provide students with the technical training and information they need to properly design and install a state-of-the-art home cabling network.

Today’s homeowners are bombarded with a wide array of multimedia services they can install in their homes. From ordinary cable and satellite TV to home theaters, integrated security, high-speed broadband and automated lighting, the choicest are seemingly endless. As the demand for these types of services increases, as is predicted, the need for a top-notch home cabling infrastructure, and a qualified base of trained installers is of the greatest importance. This is the reason The Siemon Company created the RCI program.

According to Parks Associates, a recognized leader in residential market research, approximately 10.5 million U.S. households subscribed to broadband Internet services (DSL or cable modems) in 2001. This figure is expected to top 30 million by the end of 2004. This represents alarming growth that is sure to spur the demand for structured cabling systems and home networking electronics. Equally amazing is the fact that, in a down economy, the pace of new home construction is at record heights. For example, January 2002 was a record month for new housing starts, as was December 2001. Supporting these trends is the fact that home mortgage interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 40 years and real estate is again a staple investment. All this will contribute to the advance of home networking systems.

But this growth does not come without its own set of challenges, some of which include:

  • Making sure home network designers and installers are properly trained to address the unique needs of each individual homeowner
  • Making sure that designers understand the myriad of technologies and services available to them to design an efficient whole-house cabling system
  • Assuring that installation practices conform to accepted TIA/EIA and ANSI standards

All of this and more is addressed in Siemon’s RCISM program

“This is an intensive, information-filled course that will allow designers and installers to expand their business into the residential market,” stated Mark Catrone, Corporate Training Manager for The Siemon Company. “There are so many services available to homeowners today, and a properly cabled home is the key to using these services to their fullest potential. When a student successfully completes the course, he or she will know how to properly design and install a system that provides compatibility with a broad range of applications.”

Just some of the applications addressed in the course include Command and Control Communication for Buildings (CCCB) such as home automation, lighting control networks, and security systems; Information and Communications Technology (ICT) such as telephone services, intercom, and computer networks; and Home Entertainment and other broadband Multimedia (HEM) applications such as audio distribution, cable TV, video distribution, and more.

The Siemon Residential Certified InstallerSM Training Program is standards-based and covers all pertinent TIA, ISO, and SCTE requirements including those for topology, cabling distances, acceptable media types, and transmission performance. It is an ideal training program for those professionals who want to improve their knowledge, job skills, customer service, and quality of workmanship. Not limited to designers and installers, this course offers value to builders, exchange carriers, building owners, contractors, architects, and others involved in the sale, installation, and maintenance of residential electronic systems and services. The methodology covered applies to both new construction and retrofit applications, and both single and multitenant structures.

Upon successful completion of the program and certification as a Residential Certified InstallerSM, RCIs enjoy a variety of support services from The Siemon Company including expert technical support, a national network of stocking distributors, joint tradeshow participation, sales leads, and a 15-year warranty backed by The Siemon Company.

Those interested in more information on the Siemon Residential Certified InstallerSM Training Program can call 800-444-2285 or visit

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