The Siemon Company and Holocom Networks Announce Strategic Alliance

Extensis™ bundles The Siemon Company's World-Class Connectivity Products with Holocom Networks' Zone Distribution Enclosures and Raceways to Create a Single End-to-End Solution

Watertown, CT, January 29, 2002 - The Siemon Company, a world leader in structured cabling systems and network connectivity and Holocom Networks, a pioneer in zone cabling solutions, announced today that they have formed an alliance to co-market their products and services in the United States.The offering, named Extensis™, brings together Siemon's proven technology leadership in copper and fiber connectivity and Holocom's groundbreaking zone cabling enclosures to form powerful solutions for simplifying workplace connectivity.

The Extensis solution gives users the ability to run their cabling through pathways that retro fit on the top of modular office furniture panel systems, greatly simplifying network changes and office reconfigurations.At the point where the pathway meets the consolidation point, Extensis offers aesthetically pleasing enclosures of various sizes that can be conveniently located through the office. A universal solution, this system works with all modular furniture systems including Kimball, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, DRG, and others.

"Networks today need the flexibility to grow and change as demand dictates," said CK Siemon, VP Reseller Services."Our new alliance with Holocom gives IT and facilities managers unprecedented flexibility and control in configuring and managing their networks and office furniture. This agreement forms a powerful team, and I am very excited about its potential impact on the marketplace. The Siemon Company already owns patents on connectivity and enclosures for the interior of modular furniture. Now with Holocom's patented portfolio of products for the exterior of the furniture, we have a combined solution that is unequalled."

"We are delighted to combine our talents with those of the Siemon Company," said Ken Henderson, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Holocom Networks."It is truly a win-win situation for both of us.But most importantly, in a marketplace that is ever more interested in a solution rather than single product sales, this is a win for our customers."

The two company's products naturally complement each other and this partnership will enable joint marketing of a single end-to-end solution. Siemon's Category 5e, Cat 6 and fiber MAX outlets and patching equipment fit neatly into Holocom's Active Gateway and Passive Gateway enclosures.In addition, all of Siemon's work area outlets are fully compatible with Holocom's modular panel-top mounted raceway product, TopRunner.

Increasingly over the past few years, the corporate world has seen a convergence of facilities and IT functions.As the lines between data, phone and outside plant blur, the need for an integrated solution that simplifies the inevitable and unavoidable moves, adds and changes of the IT infrastructure and the physical office environment is an immediate reality.The Siemon and Holocom Extensis solution is specifically designed to address this need with a one-stop complete office and IT solution.

The Extensis solution is currently available and shipping.

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