2015 Advanced Network Infrastructure E-book

Actionable Guidance for Deploying Superior Intelligent Building, LAN and Data Center Networks

Siemon 2015 Advanced Network Infrastructure E-book

Advanced Network Infrastructure E-book

Siemon's new E-book entitled, "Advanced Network Infrastructure 2015" is designed to provide a broad audience of IT decision makers - from the CIO to the network engineer - with new and important information on network infrastructures that will help them strategically plan for 2015 and beyond.

2015 Advanced Network Infrastructure E-book features

The free 64-page E-Book includes IT topics:

  • Zone Cabling for Cost Savings
  • Killer App Alert: IEEE 802.11ac 5 GHz Wireless Update and Structured Cabling Implications
  • Advantages of Using Siemon Shielded Cabling Systems to Power Remote Network Devices
  • Data Center Storage Evolution: An Update on Storage Network Technologies Including DAS, NAS and SAN
  • The Need for Low-Loss Multifiber Connectivity in Today's Data Center
  • Considerations for Choosing Top-of-Rack in Today's Fat-Tree Switch Fabric Configurations
  • Tech Brief: SFP+ Cables and Encryption - Cost-Effective Alternatives Overcome Vendor Locking
  • Getting Smart, Getting Rugged: Extending LANs into Harsher Environments
  • Case Study: L.A. Dodgers Hit a Home Run with Cabling Upgrade from Siemon

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Why Rely on Siemon Data Center, Intelligent Building and LAN Solutions?

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Siemon has focused its cabling expertise to provide a global support team, capable of guiding you through the process of selecting, designing and deploying the business-critical cabling infrastructure upon which your entire business will rely.

  • Founded in 1903, 112+ years of manufacturing excellence
  • Telecommunications products since 1906
  • Family owned and operated for four generations
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing & automation
  • Long-standing commitment to world class quality
  • Over 400 patents specific to structured cabling
  • Standards Based IT Infrastructure Design
  • Siemon's carbon reductions and offsets exceed global actual emissions by over 179%.