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Z-MAX 6A UTP Outlets

Z-MAX 6A UTP Outlets      Enlarge this image


Category 6A

The category 6A UTP Z-MAX™ outlet offers best-in-class performance in every critical specification, exceeding all category 6A performance requirements, including alien crosstalk. Its innovative features not only accelerate and simplify termination, but remove installation variability for consistently high and repeatable performance - every termination, every time!

  • Fastest Termination Time - Zero-Cross™ termination module and 2-step Z-TOOL™ termination process combine for best-in-class termination time
  • High-Visibility Icon System - Printed icons allow designation for voice / data applications and also provide an additional color coding option
  • Compact - Slim and side-stackable for high-density applications. Supports "pass-thru" feature to mount from the front or rear of a faceplate
  • Guided Termination Features - Lacing channels guide correct conductor placement while 2-sided color-coding provide wiring verification before and after lacing
  • Enclosed IDC Terminations - IDC terminations are fully enclosed in the outlet housing for robust protection
  • Robust Hinged Cable Retention - Hinged clip accommodates multiple cable diameters
  • Spring Door Option - Minimizes exposure to dust and other contaminants

Part of the Category 6A UTP Z-MAX cabling system.


Optimized For Alien Crosstalk Isolation
Optimized For Alien
Crosstalk Isolation
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Diagonal IDC alignment maximizes outlet to outlet pair separation to archive AXT performance in high density, environments
Flexibility and Simplified Ordering
Flexibility and
Simplified Ordering
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A single hybrid outlet supports both angled and flat mounting orientations


Standards Compliance

  • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
  • ISO/IEC 11801 2nd ed Amendment 1
  • ETL Tested
  • IEEE 802.3an
  • IEEE 802.3af (PoE)
  • IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)
  • ANSI/TIA 1096-A
  • IEC 60603-7-4

Outlet has been qualified to terminate UTP cable constructions with 23 ­ 24 AWG (0.574mm - 0.51mm) solid conductor and 24 - 26 AWG (0.61mm - ­0.48mm) stranded conductors, with up to 1.48mm diameter maximum overall conductor insulation.

Note: Other cable and conductor sizes may be qualified upon request.

Spring Door Option for Z-MAX™ Hybrid Outlets

  • Minimizes exposure to dust and other contaminants
  • Spring loaded design
  • Face of door accepts standard Z-MAX icons
  • Transparent color compatible with all outlet options
  • Available with a variety of color matching bezels
  • Simple, one finger operation of door

Note: Doors are not field installable onto existing Z-MAX outlets and therefore are not available separately

Technical Tip!
Z-MAX 6A UTP outlets utilize Siemon's 10G MAX faceplates and cannot be side-stacked in standard MAX faceplates.

Part Numbers

Z6A-(X)(XX) (Picture) Category 6A UTP Z-MAX 6A outlet, T568A/B

First (X): Mounting Style, (Blank) - Hybrid Flat/Angled, K - Keystone
2nd (XX) Bezel Color: 01 - Black, 02 - White, 03 - Red, 04 - Grey, 05 - Yellow, 06 - Blue, 07 - Green, 09 - Orange, 20 - Ivory, 80 - Light Ivory

Z6A-(XX)D (Picture) Category 6A UTP Z-MAX 6A outlet with door, T568A/B

Use (XX) to specify Bezel Color:
01=Black, 02=White, 03=Red, 04=Gray, 05=Yellow, 06=Blue, 07=Green, 09=Orange, 20=Ivory, 80=Light Ivory
Add "B" to end of part number for bulk pack of 100 modules

Each Z-MAX 6A hybrid outlet includes 1 printed icon set with the following color/print options: 1 - Red Data, 1 - Blue Data, 1 - Bezel Color-matching Data, 1 - White Blank, 1 - Red Voice, 1 - Blue Voice, 1 - Bezel Color-Matching Voice, 1 - Bezel Color-Matching Blank

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice