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Flat Quick-Pack Adapter Plates

Flat Quick-Pack Adapter Plates Enlarge this image
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Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3)


Siemon Quick-Pack adapter plates for fiber enclosures feature a patent pending integrated latch, which provides single-finger access to fiber even in fully populated enclosures and makes installation and updates easier. Choose from our wide variety of singlemode fiber and multimode fiber plate options: ST-SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, ST and SC.

For use with fiber enclosures including the Siemon Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3), Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3) and Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC3).

Part of the XGLO (10 Gb/s) Fiber cabling system.

Part of the LightSystem (1 Gb/s) Fiber cabling system.

Quick-Pack adapters in a Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC3)

Quick-Pack fiber adapters in a Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC3) fiber enclosure.

Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3) Capacity Table for Quick-Pack Adapter Plates

Part Numbers

RIC-F-AC6-01 (Picture) 3 duplex ST-SC adapters (6 fibers, front side = SC)
RIC-F-AC8-01 (Picture) 4 duplex ST-SC adapters (8 fibers, front side = SC) (not shown)
RIC-F-BLNK-01 (Picture) Blank adapter plate
RIC-F-FC6-01 (Picture) 6 FC adapters (6 fibers)
RIC-F-FC8-01 (Picture) 8 FC adapters (8 fibers) (not shown)
RIC-F-LC12-01 (Picture) 6 duplex LC adapters (12 fibers), beige adapters
RIC-F-LC16-01 (Picture) 4 quad LC adapters (16 fibers), beige adapters
RIC-F-LC24-01 (Picture) 6 quad LC adapters (24 fibers), beige adapters
RIC-F-LCU12-01 (Picture) 6 duplex LC adapters (12 fibers), blue adapters (not shown)
RIC-F-LCU16-01 (Picture) 4 quad LC adapters (16 fibers), blue adapters (not shown)
RIC-F-LCU24-01 (Picture) 6 quad LC adapters (24 fibers), blue adapters (not shown)
RIC-F-MT12-01 (Picture) 6 duplex MT-RJ adapters (12 fibers)
RIC-F-MT16-01 (Picture) 8 duplex MT-RJ adapters (16 fibers)
RIC-F-MT24-01 (Picture) 12 duplex MT-RJ adapters (24 fibers)
RIC-F-SA12-01 (Picture) 6 duplex ST adapters (12 fibers)
RIC-F-SA6-01 (Picture) 3 duplex ST adapters (6 fibers)
RIC-F-SA8-01 (Picture) 4 duplex ST adapters (8 fibers)
RIC-F-SC12-01 (Picture) 6 duplex SC adapters (12 fibers)
RIC-F-SC6-01 (Picture) 3 duplex SC adapters (6 fibers)
RIC-F-SC8-01 (Picture) 4 duplex SC adapters (8 fibers)
Each adapter plate with icon pockets includes red, blue, black, and clear icons with paper labels.
All SC and ST adapters are "universal" to support multimode and singlemode.
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Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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