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XGLO Indoor Ribbon Fiber Cable (Global)

XGLO Indoor Ribbon Fiber Cable (Global) Enlarge this image


Siemon indoor ribbon fiber cables are ideal for data centers, campus and building backbones. Ribbon cables enable the migration to high fiber count systems required to support high bandwidth applications including 10, 40 and 100Gb/s. These cables contain 12-fiber ribbon units inside a central tube with dielectric strength members for tensile strength and color coded fibers with individual ribbon unit ID numbers for clear identification. Siemon fiber optic cables are offered in XGLO configurations supporting high-speed, applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit ATM and Fibre Channel.

  • 12 fiber ribbon design
  • Central tube design
  • Precision fiber and ribbon geometries
  • Color coded per TIA-598-C

Part of the XGLO (10 Gb/s) Fiber cabling system.

Part Numbers

9BR(X)(X)012G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 12, Construction = 1 ribbon with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)024G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 24, Construction = 2 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)036G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 36, Construction = 3 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)048G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 48, Construction = 4 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)072G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 72, Construction = 6 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)096G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 96, Construction = 8 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)144G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 144, Construction = 12 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)(X)216G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 216, Construction = 18 ribbons with 12 fibers
9BR(X)R288G-(XXXX)(Y)  Fiber Count = 288, Construction = 24 ribbons with 12 fibers

Use first (X) to specify fiber type: 5 = 50/125µm, 8 = Singlemode
Use second (X) to specify fiber jacket type: R = Riser OFNR, P = Plenum OFNP, H = LSOH
Use (XXXX) to specify class performance: T312 = OM3 50µm Laser Optimized, T512 = OM4 50µm Laser Optimized, E205 = OS1/OS2 Singlemode
Use (Y) to specify unit of measure: A = feet for North America, M = meter for International

Note: 288 strand count is only available in a Riser (OFNR) jacket.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice