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Field-Terminated M Series S66 Blocks

Field-Terminated M Series S66 Blocks Enlarge this image
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Category 5e

Field-Terminated M Series S66 Blocks are available in multiple configurations.

Part Numbers

S66M1-100 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 100, Quick Clip: 279MS*
S66M1-25 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 25, Quick Clip: 569
M1-50 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 50, Quick Clip: 500
S66M4-12 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 12, Quick Clip: 569
S66M4-24 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 24, Quick Clip: 571
S66M4-50 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 50, Quick Clip: 279MS*
S66M6-24 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 24, Quick Clip: 843
S66M6-36 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 36, Quick Clip: 842
S66M6-75 (Picture) Pair Capacity: 75, Quick Clip: 279MS*
*All connecting blocks that use the 279MS quick clip have a tail pin that protrudes 3.3mm (0.13 in.) below the retainer base.
Center-to-center vertical spacing between rows of clips is 6.4mm (0.25 in.).

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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