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S110 Tower System

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The S110 Tower System provides a modular high-density, cross-connect and cable management system. It is designed to be wall mounted and is available with field terminated blocks or modular jack blocks. The S110 Tower Systems are shipped disassembled for field assembly and termination.

Available in 300-, 400-, and 500-pair sizes, the Tower System is modular and can be vertically stacked to accommodate 300- to 1000-pair installations in a single column Tower. The optional high capacity vertical cable managers are also modular in design which allows a technician to easily install a high density cross-connect system without spending time laying out a termination field.

  • Robust design uses screws to secure wiring bases and cable managers to Tower frame
  • Designation label holders with white designation strips are provided for circuit identification
  • Large scale vertical managers facilitate improved routing of patch cords and cross-connect wire
  • Includes S1101RMS cable managers with covers for horizontal cable distribution
  • Optional horizontal ducts properly route large quantities of cable between vertical towers


Modular, Flexible Design
Modular, Flexible Design 
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The S110 Tower Systems are modular and can be stacked to create 300- to 1000-pair (or larger) configurations. Additional blocks can be added as needed for growth.
Enclosed Cable Routing
Enclosed Cable Routing 
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Tower assembly provides pathways for routing and protecting cables from entry all the way to the point of termination.
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All S110 Tower Systems include cable managers and covers to route and protect horizontal cables providing a clean appearance.

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