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Siemon Category 6 UTPNetwork Cabling Solutions

  • Siemon offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end cabling systems designed to meet or exceed connecting hardware and channel performance specifications set forth for category 6/class E by TIA and ISO/IEC.

System 6 Overview
Performance Margin Margin on all Category 6 parameters
Features Exceeds TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC connecting hardware and channel performance specifications
(When Installed by Siemon Certified Installer)
20-Year System Warranty

Performance (Margin over Category 6 Standard)
System System 6
Insertion Loss 2.5%
NEXT Loss 2.0 dB
PSNEXT Loss 3.0 dB
ACR-N 2.0 dB
PSACR-N 3.0 dB
ACR-F 3.0 dB
PSACR-F 3.0 dB
Return Loss 2.0 dB
Propagation Delay 0 ns
Delay Skew 5 ns

Category 6 Product Highlights

angled MAX 6 panels
Eliminate Horizontal Cable Management: Angled MAX panel facilitates routing of patch cords into vertical managers
patch panel
Built-in Cable Manager: HD6 Patch Panel includes built-in cable manager to properly guide cables to point of termination.
Patch Cords for Tight-Fitting Areas: Use unique BladePatch 6 UTP Modular Cords for high-density patching environments with push-pull latch design

Further Information

Siemon Category 6 Installation
Network Cabling Services from Installation to Design
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