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VersaPOD 4-Post Rack

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Siemon's adjustable-depth, VersaPOD 4-Post Rack provides a stable platform for mounting extended depth/size active equipment. It is ideal for use in both Telecommunications Rooms and central patching areas within Data Center environments.

In addition to providing compatibility with Siemon's standalone vertical cable managers, the 4-post rack is fully compatible with the Zero-U panels used in Siemon's VersaPOD™ cabinets. This compatibility allows for mounting of patch panels or cable management between bayed racks or at end of rows.

The headers, vertical rails and depth adjustment brackets all feature symmetrical designs to eliminate orientation errors during assembly. They also work in conjunction to self-square the rack during assembly saving valuable installation time. The result is a rack that can be field assembled in less than 20 minutes.

  • Field Adjustable Depth - Rack depth can be field adjusted in 25mm (1in) increments to accommodate a range of equipment depths
  • Stamped U Space Indications - Provide ready visual indication of proper panel alignment
  • Slotted Mounting Holes ­ Provide a flexible securing point for ladder or wire basket trays mounted perpendicular or parallel to rack
  • In-Facing Headers and Footers - Maximize floor space while maintaining full load capabilities


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In addition to Siemon's stand alone vertical cable managers, the VersaPOD 4-Post Rack is compatible with Siemon's Zero-U patching and management panels
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Eight (8) ground post locations (4 on top, 4 on bottom) provide ready accessible ground attachment points

Part Numbers

RSQ-BAY-VPC12 (Picture) VersaPOD 4-post rack baying bracket for VPC-12, set of 2
RSQ-BAY-VPC6 (Picture) VersaPOD 4-post rack baying bracket for VPC-6, RS-CNL and RS-CNL3, set of 2
RSQ-BAY-VPP (Picture) VersaPOD 4-post rack baying bracket for Zero-U Panels, set of 4
RSQ1-07-S (Picture) 7 ft. x 19 in. VersaPOD 4-post rack, 560-915mm (22-36 in.), Steel, Black, 45U, #12-24
Note: VPC series baying brackets are optional to ensure row alignment, they are unnecessary if VPC or RS-CNL products are used for both front and back of rack.
Zero-U baying brackets are required to ensure proper operation of Zero-U panels.

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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