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Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlets

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Siemon is pleased to announce the release of the new Gen2 (G2) Ruggedized Z-MAX outlets. An addition to Siemon’s existing Ruggedized MAX® outlets, the G2 Ruggedized Z-MAX outlets combines the premium performance and termination process of the Z-MAX outlets with the durable, proven IP66/IP67 ruggedized shells to provide a best in class connectivity solution for harsh environments.

In contrast to Siemon’s current Ruggedized MAX 5e and 6 outlets, the G2 Ruggedized Z-MAX outlets are inserted from the front of the faceplate with the locking nut positioned behind the faceplate. This configuration allows the use of an aggressive locking nut that is easier to fully tighten without the use of tools.

The Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX outlets are not compatible with the current Ruggedized MAX outlet dust cap. A new G2 Ruggedized outlet dust cap has been developed which includes a nylon tether in place of the current chain tether and can be attached after outlet installation into the faceplate.

  • Outlets include ruggedized housing, gasket, locking nut, outlet/termination module and securing clip
  • Outlets terminate cable constructions with 23-26 AWG (0.64-0.51mm) solid and 26 AWG (0.48mm) stranded
  • conductors, with up to 0.60mm (0.023 in.) diameter conductors and up to 1.48mm (0.058 in.) diameter over insulation
  • Outlets are compatible with all Siemon Ruggedized Surface Mount Boxes, Stainless Steel Faceplates and Patch Cords
  • The Ruggedized G2 outlet dust cap is compatible with both Ruggedized MAX and Ruggedized Z-MAX outlets

Other Information/Photos

Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlet

Ruggedized G2 Outlet Dust Cap

Part Numbers

XG2-CAP  Ruggedized G2 Outlet Dust Cap, Nylon Tether
XG2-Z5S  Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlet, Category 5e, Shielded, T568A/B
XG2-Z6  Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlet, Category 6, Unshielded, T568A/B
XG2-Z6A  Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlet, Category 6A, Unshielded, T568A/B
XG2-Z6AS  Ruggedized G2 Z-MAX Outlet, Category 6A, Shielded, T568A/B

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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